About us

Inspirational Charismatic Church known as ICC House of Prayer is a Pentecostal Church, open to persons of all races and colour for we are one in Christ Jesus. Here at ICC House of Prayer, we care, love, and cherish as many as are our members as the Lord has commanded us.

We aim to preach the Gospel to every mAn and woman without prejudice. Our motto is “Gospel for everyone, church for every community”.

We have a mandate to carry on with the work which Jesus Christ has passionately assigned us to accomplish while on earth, which include:

  • To become a blessing to the people of God, our becoming blessings to the “apple of God’s eye” does not depend on their conversion to Christianity
  • To advance the Kingdom of God, as well as the Great Commission
  • To love, cherish, care, interceed and pray for one another.

We pray in the name of Jesus. As our name suggests, we are a house of prayer that is why we strongly believe that a fervent and continuouse prayer is a definite solution to every situation. We have series of prayer and fasting activities, which everyone is welcome to participate. The bible declares that certain persistent or recursive problems in our lives can only be defeated by fasting and prayer. God answers every prayer that we pray in conformity to His word and plans for our lives; thus in name of Jesus we are able to deliver those that are demon possessed, impoverished,sick, frail or any kind of demonic attacks and circumstances. We have dedicated prayer warriors who spend time in their own to pray on prayer request we receive.

How do we do it? We preach, teach and pray from the Holy bible. We use most versions including; king James, New International Version etc. We have a day that is set apart for the expository and intensive study of the bible. Tuesday is the day; it’s an interactive and open study time. Led by a bible study teacher, participants share their knowledge of a given topic and thereafter, the bible study teacher summarises the lessons learnt. Bibles and many other study materials are available in the church for a reduced price